Blasting away on all fronts…

Interview, teeth fixing, bike fitting, eye infection…this week all I can say is pack. I am pretty sure right now every week I am pack. But this week, it seems just a bit more pack. There is a shoe sale this Sat in a local tri store and I want to check it out. On the other hand, I told a friend I will go and help him move (9 am). It is a Saturday and it is the day I get my long ride in (4 hr). So yeah…here is how it willl work. Call the store to see if they still have my shoes. If no, then don’t go. If yes, see if a friend can pick it up for me (that’s what friends are for anyway [oh..i hope they ain’t reading this blog :D]).

I just came back from cleaning teeth. They called it “scaling” (sp?). The lady cleaned right side of my jaw and taught me the proper way of gum and teeth maintance. They will clean my left side next week and see how I maintain my teeth. Woah. She gave me a few tools (toys) to help massage the gums and keep the bacteria away. She said, it will be quite bloody in the first few times. Bleeding gums for Cliffy

Yesterday I have so much energy. Must be from the bike ride I missed on Sunday. Here is how I spent my energy:

200m warm up
200m Free, 200m Pull, 200m Free, 200m Pull, 200m Free, 200m Pull (total 1200 m)
100 m Free (was planning to do another 200 m Free but my rotator cuff is aching)

Workout – following Joe Friel’s Triathlete Bible. Did the Maintance workout.

My swimming seems to be going pretty well. I left my HRM and watch at home so I have no idea how fast and how hard I am pushing. After I did my fifth set of 200 m, i was telling myself “that’s 1 km already?“…

Lastly, this morning I did some bike drills. From the book Going Long, Joe and Gordon suggested placing a water bottle on the ground and try to pick it up on the bike. Took me 5-6 tries to get it right. Maybe after picking up the bottle, I can learn to juggle on my bike as well 🙂

Weather is still chilly here…need to get my rain/wind gear.


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