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A change of direction, a change of pace.

Two events happened today.

I talked to Ed. He started raving about how everyone on the net can lie and don’t know what they are talking about. At first, I took it very offensive as the running room forum (http://www.runningroom.com/discussion/) have runners who have trained and ran a number of marathons. Here he is, whom have hurt his knees from running, discrediting these people. I do agree with him saying that we (I) need to read scientific journals to really see authentic studies. He offered to help me look at my running form.

At first, I declined. However, thinking about it and telling my ego to quiet down, I email him a few minutes later to ask to meet up. With his busy and my busy schedule, we decide the best time is to meet on the 20th. This is the same day where we meet up with Len for his dinner. I will continue this log and show it to him. It is time to rethink my running style, diet and training. Time to oen my mind.

Second, I watched on OLN (Outdoor Life Network). They had an interview with Lance Armstrong. Amazing guy. I have to get his book. There were few moments in the interview that really struck me. The part where he talked about the love of the sport, the life skills he learnt from it, the love of the hard work he put into it. I couldn’t agree more. Second, how he his using his fame to talk about cancer. I, also being a cancer survivor, agree definitly.

I know he trains hard and my training so far have been fair at best. It is time for me to take this serious and train hard :).

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