Cliff is getting..

fat and PHAT!

So how have I been? I ran on and off last week and I still off. My right quad felt a deep fatigue and I ran out of breath very fast. I wore my HRM and it was way too high. In a pace where I should be around 140s, I was at high 150s.

Today I felt much better. I ran 30 min around the block. The deep fatigue is gone and I can actually breathe. I suspect my body is still recovering from the Ironman. I am going to let it rest. My plan is to run on and off for this week and see how my body progress. Run by feel.

The Toronto Marathon is in 33 days. I will be tapering by the end of Sept. I want my body to get back in shape.

I did not got back into tri mode until yesterday. IM Wisconsin was yesterday as well and there were a lot of folks I know racing. Tri-Dummy, IM-able, TriBoomer, Bolder, IronWil, SimplyStu….

Rollerblading is hard! I am like running on blades :D. I don’t know how to brake and found myself hugging from tree to tree :). Quite funny. I had a video of me blading. However, it is on facebook. Once I figure out how ot share it, I will post it on here 🙂

Work is ever heretic. Last night, I reminded myself that I use to dream :). I use to just go and take the chance…I shouldn’t feeling down at all. Perhaps this is the post Ironman blues…

Anyway…today after the run I felt great. I gained about 5 lbs since after Ironman :). Defintely getting fatter..hopefully getting phatter as well.

Here are some pics from the past few weeks.. 🙂

Blading and at the beach 😀

Friend’s wedding (last Sat)


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