The countdown

20 more min and I am leaving the office and heading to Ottawa. I am doing my second Half Ironman. This will be my last A race for this season. The goal is to go hard and fast.

Interesting, I am driving 5 hours to do a 5 hr race.

Yesterday there were no interview. I waited for 30 min. Asked the guard to page the person again. They told me the position is already filled ….oh yeah..I wasn’t very cheery. What can I need to cry over spill milk. Thank goodness for triathlon…right now I am so focus on that, I am not letting my mind being doubtful and negative.

As for taper….this week, a few warehouse guys were on sick or on vacation..with man shortage, i had to help pick orders. Move boxes and so on. Definitely not good for tapering. I wonder how can someone train for ironman if they have to do physical work for their job.

My arms and legs are pretty tight. Arms are a bit tired. Good thing I only have to swim 2km.

Despite that, I am willing to race. I hit the pool yesterday and my strokes felt super strong. Did my last brick on Wed. Had to cut it down b/c my right knee was giving me problems (from all the box moving).

Right now printing more maps and info, I am feeling the race jitters.. :-D…

Tomorrow will be cold. 40 something degrees with rain and so on. I brought my rain jacket, just in case.

There isn’t too much to speak. This will be my last A race for this season. Half ironman….
let’s do that again… :0

That’s it…if I survive the swim..I will report back by Tuesday.. :D…haha……


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