Duathlon Niagara on the lake and a mix of thoughts..

When your bike and helmet are like this:

And your run gears are these:

And you finish with your friends like these….

You know you had a good race.

I was wearing the Tigger ears at the end and everyone was yelling ‘Go Tigger’. I ran way too hard in the beginning. My first run pace was 3:46 min/km (6:00 min/mile!). Woah, now I know how Steven feels. I cramped hard on both calves on the bike when I was dismounting (ouch). The second run kept it steady. I will give a full report later…

Right now, my mind is occupy with something more serious. Len, my photographer who was planning to go with me to Niagara, his grandma passed away over the weekend.

I am sadden to hear this. There is a friend’s b-day tonight and I am not in the mood to go. I wil probably stop by say hi and leave. It just hurts when your friend is mourning. He had to talk to his cousin so he bailed out on coming with me this weekend. I am glad he was home when the news reached him.

This is a weird post. A mix of positive and negative emotions…..

Proof that I did wore those ears.


By Cliff

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