Ignorance is Bliss…

I have been doing some research on the route I rode on Sat. Here is one stretch that was the steepest I had ever climbed.

About 450 ft in 1.5 miles. Notice there is a steep climb just before the first 1/2 mile. I figure the whole climb is about 6-8% grade.

When I climbed that hill on Sat, I didnt’ realize how high it was. I just knew that’s the way I came, so that’s the way I MUST go to get back home. Since this was my way back home, I had climbed a number of hills before and my legs were 1/2 fry.

If someone had told me I would be climbing that much that day, I would have said NO WAY.

But b/c I am ignorance, I climbed it. So sometimes it is good to be ignorance…

I look forward to climbing this hill all through the season. If I can master this..the ride on IMUSA will be manageable. I ain’t going to say easy b/c Ironman is not easy..just manageable.

On a lighter note..thanks for all the comments you guys left on my previous post :)..I was bugging Anners to give me one more post so I can hit 40 comments. Yay..now i feel popular and helps my self-esteem on a superficial way :D….


By Cliff

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