In short…

– my appointment with the transplant clinic did not happened. It was next month (March 5th). I am such a goof. They called me about it and I did not remove it from my google calendar. At least I had a day off to relax.

– my Mississauga half did not go as plan. I was very tired when it was time to run. I ended up jogging for 17 min before heading back home. I biked 2:17, swim 20 min and run 17 min.

– Sun, instead of a long run, I did an hour on the treadmill. I am taking a course and one of the homework is to watch Dead Poet’s Society. I pop the movie in and run away.

– since I didn’t do a long run on Sun, I did my long run yesterday. The run was 2 hr with the focus on finish the run fast. 1 hr 30 min easy (HR 149-155). Last 30 min, running with a perceived effort of slightly below 10 k pace (HR 160s-170). The run was slip and slide. Icy and slushy. I slipped more when I was walking then when I was runinng.

– Last night, my friend suggested I write a book detailing my experiences of cancer survivor and a triathlete. Hmm….

– this week, a short work week. Continue emphasis on running more.

Have a great day.


By Cliff

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