Just train.

If you look at my training bar on the right hand side (below the youtube videos), you will see that my trainings have been bumping up.

I flipped my schedule a bit. For the past few weeks I have been sleeping late and getting up late. I can live from day to day but my energy is low.

This week, I go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Go to work early and leave early. Today, leave work at 3 pm. Go home, run, bike and head to the pool to swim.

My schedule is to get 30-40 min run a day. Do a long run on Sat or Sun. Plan to run 7 times a day. Low HR. All working on building my aerobic base. Bike 2 times a week and swim 2 times a week. Add in stretches, core exercise, strength training…woah…it sounds like I am a triathlete or something 🙂


By Cliff

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