Life after Ironman!?!

It is about three weeks since I did Ironman USA.

Now I am normal.

I am busy at work b/c a few key employees left the company and I have to take care of the burden.
I am active in my Church. I stepped down from leading the fellowship and now in charge of the Ushering Ministry.
I just did normal stuff. Me and a friend organized a bbq last Sat. I went to hang out with friends on Fri night at a pool hall. I went to a Jazz Festival and went to a few music performance.

Since Ironman, I have biked once, swim once, and ran two times. I run for 20-25 mins or so. My right quad is feeling it. My breathing was hard. So I figure I need more R & R.

Will post more…need to get back to work :o).


By Cliff

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