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A night at Nathan Phillip Square

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Lord, you said that blessed are those who are hungry in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. I am asking if you are willing, give me opportunities for me to share a meal with those who are hungry. I wished to be a blessing in your eyes.

For months, I have been convicted to share a meal with the homeless. I cannot justify myself for not able to offer even one meal when I have more than enough. I cannot acknowledge myself for not going out in the field and rescued those who are lost. That’s what Jesus would do and that’s what He has done.


I walked around Nathan Phillip square. The place was empty. I saw a person in a wheelchair by himself. I kept walking. There were a group of 3 people. Keep walking.

I went around a circle. No one. God do u want me to approach the wheelchair person? Is that the opportunity? As I walked closer to him, he was sleeping. Better not bother him.

My eyes started hunting. I found someone sitting in the dark. I walked once and came back. As I walked closer, I realize she was speaking to herself. I said, “excuse me ma`am. I am getting a hot dog. Do u want to share a meal with me?

She said “no, is ok.”

Is this it? For one night I am willing to serve and there is no opportunity.

As I walked away, there was an older man walked across a path. He went to the other side to relief himself.

I walked pass him. Wait for him to finish his business. Went over and started a conversation. He told me he only had fifty cents. I told him the hot dogs would be on me. With graciousness, he offered to share a drink with me.

I went to get the hot dogs. By then the rain started to come. It was a light drizzle.

We sat out in the open. He preferred the light. He told me 8 people got stabbed in the dark.

For a brief 20 min, we shared a meal in the rain. The smell of dampness, traffic and the city filled the air.

He spoke tales of witch craft and serving in the military. He had one glove on and a few belongings. A beard covered his face and he wore a mix of clothing.

His name is K and he goes to the mental hospital at night. I shared my story of being in the hospital because of my liver transplant.

As we finished our hot dogs, it become cleared to me this man gone through a lot. He served in the army, joined the air force n flew F-86. He was a cook and was homeless for a while.

As I am about to head off, he warned me of people to look out for. I listened patiently. Though a part of me realizes that I would never seen these people he warned. At the same time, I caught a glimpse of his reality. A world of violent and hatred. A world void of compassion and forgiveness.

I wished him well and headed my way….as I was leaving I praised God for giving me an opportunity to serve. To be part of the participative grace. To see God in action.

The meal cost six dollars. It was the best six dollars I ever spent.

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