Ooops 🙂

So these past weeks, I have been going pretty hard on the swim. I swim everyday except the weekend. With Christmas coming in and social meet ups, it became harder to go to the pool.

Though on Saturday, I spent 3-4 hours playing paintball. That was a lot of fun.

Today I got back to the pool again. It felt great. My catch felt strong. I was planning to go for 2,000 m (40 laps). I ended up swimming 10 more just because I felt so good :).

So oops. I ended up putting in 500 m more.

Christmas is coming fast and I cannot wait. I already know what to get for my parents. The only person left is my sister. I have a few meet ups with friends and relatives. There is also a lot of quiet time where I can enjoy going outdoor in the snow.

And of course..with the snow…snowboarding will start soon (this sun).

Hope you all have a blessed week.


By Cliff

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