Hey guys, thanks a lot for the encouragement. Shelley gave me the contact of the lady who swim one armed. If it is possible, I will do it :). No way did i spent $480 US for a race to sit by the sideline. Darren will kick my butt if I do…(not like he hasn’t done so when we ride :D)

I spent an hour on the trainer watching Tour De France. Oh man did it feel good to ride again. It is also feel good to watch the TdF. The plus is that when I rest my right arm on the aerobar I feel no pain or strain.

Did anyone catch Robbie Mceuwen in stage 1? He just came out of nowhere and took the sprint victory. Wow.

I received this email from Ford Ironman Lake Placid:

We will be assigning race numbers to the 2007 Ford Ironman USA Lake Placid on Wednesday, July 11. If you are not racing and do NOT wish to have a race number assigned, please let us know by hitting reply to this email (leaving the subject line intact) on or before Tuesday, July 10. Be sure to include your name in the body of the email. As per our entry policy, the refund deadline has passed and you will not be entitled to a refund nor do we allow rollovers to another year.

Do you know what I did when I read this email? Nothing.

Here are the pics as promise…be warned. It ain’t pretty….I am sleeping now.


  • ouch! an ac separation is tough…
    bad news is it hurts like h*%^, the good news is that you very likely would not make it much worse by using it on the 22nd.
    We’re all cheering for you!

  • Cliff, you are the king of adversity- always keeping such a strong attitude. I’d say you’d finish with both arms tied behind your back!

  • Not just $480, its been a whole year of training. One arm sounds good to me. You could probably even make the 2:20 swim cutoff on your back with no arms.

  • Yes! That is determination and spirit!

    Oh, and my dear, you WILL pee on the bike on July 22nd if you have to. There’s a 1st time for everything!

  • Hey, guess what? I just looked on the IMLP site. There is a Ford Ironman logo and you know what the tag line says underneath?



  • Hey, guess what? I just looked on the IMLP site. There is a Ford Ironman logo and you know what the tag line says underneath?



  • You did not do all that train to bail now. Last year when I volunteered I was amazed by the sight of one gentleman who was riding his bike with a SLING on his arm. Later I saw him on the run. Anything is possible.

    Besides, even with your seperation you will be finished the swim before me. Some of us are just slow swimmers……….


  • Why don’t you listen to me? I told you that UFC was a bad idea. You’re too little. But NOOOOOO you want to play with the big boys. See what happens.

  • Heyya
    That injury looks, and sounds painful! But if you’re going to go for it, you’re going to do fantastic!! I can’t wait to hear the race report–but there is no rush. Leave it all on the course!!!

    Good Luck

  • I’m following the TdF for the first time this year. Pretty interesting!

    My TI instructor once told me that if I ever got tired while swimming to roll onto my side (not back) and just do the fish drill with with one arm paddling. I bet you could actually swim faster than me just doing that!

  • Cliff,
    It’s the right call. Just get your butt to the start line and see what happens. If you have to do the swim with one arm, then so be it. Hey, it’s an IRONman, it’s suppose to be hard! Though it would seem you want to make it even more difficult…
    Cheers bro.

    more healing vibes coming your way.

  • Cleeeef,
    You can do eeeeeet!!!! 😉

    I just caught up on your blog and read about the accident…OUCH!! You still got time Cliff and ditto everyone else’s thoughts- we’re pulling for you. Hang tough!

By Cliff

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