I got an email from Darren toady…

All OK on the Cliffy front? Been awfully quiet lately…….Darren

My response:

Mon was feeling sick. Took tues off. Realize tues weather was fabulous. Went for 3 hr bike ride. Since then, my throat has been killing me. Now trying to rest and recoup before the long weekend.

Tues was a great bike ride. Too sick to work but not sick enough to bike. I guess I am paying for it now. I have a dry cough and been laying low to recoup.

My body really wants to train..but the throat is saying otherwise.

On non-tri related, I am contemplating of going back to school….been praying and thinking about this….once I make the decision, I will let you guys know 🙂


  • Hey, we seem to be still mysteriously connected via the Internet. I am also having a bad throat and scaled back training this week. Tomorrow night I fly to Europe for business (cattle class of course), so I really don’t wanna get sick. I am praying that I will be well enough tomorrow morning to go for my 2.5hr ride, 0.5hr run. Will be praying for u too!

  • Hello my friend…I also noticed that you haven’t posted in awhile! No more of those 3hr rides when you’re feeling sick, ya hear! 😉

    Good luck on the decision about school! Keep up updated!

    By the way, I am going bike shopping today…hehehehehe.

  • I’ve had similar throat issues and it turned out to be really bad allergies! Now I am just sneezing and blowing my nose lots!!!

  • Cliff – sorry that you’re not feeling the best! Stinks. I rested on Saturday for the same reasons – stayed inside and it seemed to help – that and lots of OJ and vitamin C. Feel better soon!

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