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If you can drive there, you can bike there.
If you can bike there, you can run there…

Made this one up myself :). Every now and then my sis will tuant me, “why take the car when you can run there…”…hmm don’t tempt me 🙂

I have been re-reading Gordo’s and other’s articles on Ironman training. I reflected on what I did well last season (through half educate guess and half fluke) and things I need to work on. To say the least, I am very happy with last season. I have trained close to Ironman volume and have learnt a great deal on training itself. I did not have any *major* injury and completed HIM as planned.

The perspective that guide me last year will need to be modify as I become more in tune to my body and how it responded to stress (phyiscal, mental and emotional). More on that later….

Ironman Florida is this Sat. Quite excited. Even though I am not part of it, there are a number of tri bloggers participating this race. A large number of them are first timers too.

I put their bib number beside their name so I can track them on Ironmanlive.com on race day 🙂
Good luck guys. It will be a fulfill day under the sun.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone.

Nancy Toby (2484) – Juggle taking care of twins and train at the same time. Impressive.

Bolder in Boulder (1269, Thanks Wendy!) – my long lost Canadian brother…I can’t wait for him to come back to homeland when we can meet up 🙂

Ironm4n (2384) – Another Canadian brother..err i mean Sister :). She is doing IMUSA next year with me.

TriDaddy (774) – His last comment in regard to my post on Excellence rings true. I can talk the talk. Now I must walk the talk.

TriGeekKhuna (1576) – Funniest podcast with IronWil. Kept me laughing during those cold long runs.

Ellie (2526) – Isn’t Ironman for 20 something fit athlete like me? Ok..i am neither fit or an athlete. Ellie prove what a grandmother can do 🙂

Commodore (758) – The only guy I know who stop on a boat and drink a can of beer during a long swim. I envy him.

Trimama (2297) – Her delightful post of her journey with her tribe..unforgettable.

Triboomer (1544) – He raised money to fight cancer..next season I will do the same. Thanks for reminding me I won a small battle against cancer and it hasn’t been defeated yet 🙂

ShirleyPerly – Find her blog through raceAthlete.com. Good and delightful post about training her first IM.


  • ooh! Can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are on how your body reacts to stress. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as well – it’s just inevitable when you’re anticipating the possible struggles of the upcoming season I guess.

  • Wow Cliff – you are multi-talented – now you are creating memorable quotes….

    Thanks for the heads up on the Ironman Triathletes!

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