Rested day(?)

My bike store just inform me my bike is ready for pickup. So Today no long ride for me. Going to do a long run and do my long ride tomorrow. It’s funny how the mentality changes. After I rode 8 hours last Sat, a 4 or 5 hour bike ride feels like nothing.

Eye situation. I got an infection on my right eye. Need to take antibiotic (eye drops). See eye doctor again on Wed.

Last night, I moved server till 2 am. Today I just snooze and rest the whole day. I don’t know if it is the training or anxious that a race is coming soon. But I really want to train a lot now. I think it is a mix of both. This week, most of my training is still low intensity. I only have one hill run this week. Body is recovering very well. I will do what I can to ramp up the training. It is going to be tough. I got to do my taxes, to clean teeth (Tues), see eye doctor (Wed), get bike fitted, take pics to analyze bike position, do another run LT test…. I will do what I can. I also got a job interview next Wed. Position is Network Adminstrator. It is CLOSE to home 😀

Bike fitting is on its way now that the bike is tuned up. Try to schedule a bike fit some time this week. This Fri, I met up with a friend to take pic of me while I cycle (on my trainer). Then we can analyze till we paralyze about my bike position.

K gotta run now :)…


By Cliff

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