This is to Mike and Steven who just finish IM Canada today. Impressive. Steven came in 10:50:35 in 300 position. Mike is four places behind him with 10:50:46. I swear they must have planned it from the beginning. Both have helped me a lot in my training.

I got this video from Mike‘s blog. It’s funny b/c it is true 🙂

I have to watch Spaceball again…


  • On your earlier post, enjoy marathon training and doing it just for fun. BTW, the Nike running site was about 45 min off on my estimated marathon time (faster, unfortunately, than i actually was).

  • Thanks for the shout-out, Cliff.

    Ironman Canada race day was an awesome awesome experience and one I cannot wait to do again!

    My race report is posted if you want to check it out.

  • Yeah. That was a good one.

    Talking about you last nite with one of my bro’s from Malaysia, Dan Tan.

    I told him I now know a TAM, too.
    Got a TAT. Drank a TAB. How many TA_ combinations can I make? 🙂

  • Yo Cliff- thanks bro! Re: planning that close finish….you know I let Steven squeak by at the finish right!?! 😉

    Seriously, kinda strange how we were only 11 seconds apart after 140.6 – Good times!

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