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I am feeling much better. I can get out of the chair and walking the stairs without much pain :o).

To summarize Lake Placid: I have never felt closer to God and figure who I am than on race day.

Here are two pics from TriEric. This is taken in the first lap of the run. Thanks for him being there and encourage me. I love the pics b/c I am running strong. I don’t even know where that energy is coming from.

A full report is coming soon. I spent yesterday cleaning up my gears. I don’t know where I put my camera so the pics will have to be delayed. No complain. Life is good. 🙂


  • Wow.
    Cliff, talk about hot.
    you look awesome. I’d never guess you were in the last leg of an ironman. well done.

  • You look great! I can’t believe how strong you look.

    In answer to your question about the swimming tip–I need to reach straight b/tw the entry and catch phase (before the pull). However, I think this also sets you up for a better pull (where you don’t cross the midline). Hope that answers it!

  • congratulations, cliff!!!! it was so great to meet you and cheer for you on the course. i had my team mates looking for you, too. we had 20 team mates racing and just as many cheering them on. funny i met you BEFORE the race and then AFTER in the tent when I was looking for my friend Julie who was also in there. too bad lunch didn;t work out; i called you but maybe you headed home already. maybe next ironman. haha. i, too, have pix which i will email you this weekend since you cannot find your camera. also if you email me you address i can send you the hard copy pics, too! 🙂 it was so great to meet you AND CHEER for you as you were meeting your IRONMAN goals! woo-hoo! way to go cliff!

  • Lookin good there, Cliff! I can tell that you like the hills if you’re striding like that! Well done, and know that all of us wanna-be’s are jealous…and inspired!

  • EXCUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME, buddy, you can NOT come over on my blog posting comments “I miss 100 miles with a FROWN face” when YOUR IRONMAN WAS LAST FREAKING WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    That is a verified sign that YOU ARE INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I implore you to step away from the computer, put on a mumu, eat bonbons, and watch soap operas for the rest of the week as punishment.

    Oh yeah, and those are some studly looking fast pics you have there 🙂

  • Congrats IRONMAN, you look like you were out for a 10km trot, LOOKING STRONG THERE, Bro!

    Someone in church has also telling me that his marathon was a surprisely spiritual experience. How kewl is that? I am doing my 1st Oly Tri tomorrow, it’s no where near a IM, HIM or marathon, but I am hoping that it will also be somewhat of a spiritual experience.

  • Awesome pics!! You don’t look like you were in the middle of Ironman! I can’t wait to read all about it!! (So hurry up and tell us!! =) )

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