So what do you do now?

There isn’t much going on around here. Actually something is brewing. I ain’t spilling yet :).

Yesterday I ran on the treadmill for 20 min and went to swim for 20 min. I spent most of my time counting my steps. Left knee ache in the first 5 min. It was fine afterwards. Barely broke a sweat and I have to stop.

Hit the pool for a quickie. Worked on some drills as Darren advised me to do. Oh yeah, I lost a lot of finesse. Barely made it through one lap without huffing and puffing.

My friend asked me a while back what do I do now that I am in my off-season.


I read…I read a lot

Here are the books I am reading:

Shaking Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda – General Dallaire’s account of a UN Peacekeeping mission gone wrong in Rwanda. Lack of resources, cooperation and concern for the people led to 800,000 massacre in three months. I have been eyeing to read this for a long time. In highschool, one of my dream was to become a UN Peacekeeper. Will post a full review after I finish it.

Pursuing the Pearl: A Comprehensive Resource for Multi-Asian Ministry – Rev. Kev Fong discuss about the cultural difference between the asian americans and asians. Since my Church (Mississauga Chinese Alliance Church) has a similair make up, his experience of leading his church in California is very relateable. There are Chinese that came from China. Chinese that grew up in Canada. A lot of cultural clash.

Flow, the Psychology of Optimal Experience: Do you have that feeling while you are biking where everything just clicks. You are conscious of what you are doing but at the same time, things seem to be moving on its own. Everything just flows. The author study all sorts of people and examine why in some activity everything just clicks and some don’t. (yes i cut and paste this from a previous post).

One neat thing that the author mention is that you don’t obtain flow from watching TV (sorry Elaine :D). One of the factors for flow to form is that the action must be challenging. Can you see why us triathletes alway strieve to be faster, better and stronger? 🙂

I have a tendency to start too many books and never finish them. I borrowed Nancy Clark’s Sport Nutrition Guidebook from the Library and had to returned it without even touching it (will borrow again later this year). So much to read, so little time. I plan on riding lots on the trainer this year. This way I can get some reading done as well. Oh wait..I have to train for an Ironman…right…

I started playing squash and vball. Good to socialize with some friends, get some exercise and not thinking about tri.
For church, I am setting up a committee for my fellowship.
At home, major clean up. Make sure the house is semi clean when I start training again.

I have been watching my diet. Last few weeks, I let it gone up to 150 lbs. It is now hovering at 146 lbs. I am putting a rein on my diet as Nov comes. Well, as long as I don’t over eat, my weight will be fine.

That’s about it. I am pretty quiet most of the time. Yup, my life is pretty boring :D. Not that it is too exciting with training and what not…(at least I have a reason to wear spandex)…


  • Sounds like you’re reading some good stuff. And your life doesn’t sound boring – it sounds intellectual. Contrary to popular opinion the two are not equivalent. 🙂

  • You just made clear a great reason to improve. Every time you do it fine you are on the flow, when you reach it you want to be just there all the time 🙂

    I have to study the Nancy Clark too, let’s make a commitment to read it before the year ends!

  • I pick up Nancy Clarks book tomorrow. Enjoy your rest and relaxation time. Can’t wait to hear what you have cooking on the back burners.

  • You’ll bounce back quickly. I’ve heard it’s normal to gain a bit of weight during the off-season. A lot of it’s water weight from the carbs. It will melt off when you resume training. I have a lot of books I’m reading as well. I’m addicted to crosswords, petting my bunnies, writing, and painting in my down-time.

  • Can’t wait to hear what is brewing!!! I can’t believe the seasons are starting to change already! It seems like it was just spring.

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