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I went to the pool last night after prayer meeting…

I had in mind what I need to do.
300 m warm up
200 m One arm drills
200 m Breathing drills
1000m (20 x 50 m) 25 m hard + 25 m easy
300 m Cool down
Total 2,000 m
Just as I was on the deck, putting on my goggles and ready to jump in the water. At the corner of my eye I caught a teenager coming up to me. I turned and noticed it was a teenager from my church.
A few exchanges and greets and we started chatting about a various topics. What’s happening in our church, my training, my races, what’s his future, summer job….
In the end, we ended up talking for an hour instead of swimming.
Though I had planned to go hit the pool and work on my swimming technique, the Lord decided to place him at the same time and we went through some deep discussion on life and seeking God.
I shared with him my past when I was running away from God, being slaved to sin and how God told me to reconciled those who I wronged.
A good night indeed…didn’t got my training done…but instead..had a good fellowship at the pool.

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  • it's wonderful when we see interruptions as part of God's divine plan. It takes a lot of maturity, trust and sweet surrender to entrust our training sessions to the Lord. Thanks for being such a good example 🙂

    Ah, im doing my first 90km cycling race tmr at the Aviva Singapore Half iron man tmr… am scared!

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