After all these years, this quote still inspire me… “He is showing us the plan for a Christian church that is much more than an association of congenial friends to listen once a week to an intellectual discourse and musical entertainment and carry on by proxy a mechanism of Christian work; but rather a church that can be at once the mother and home of every form of help and blessing...

Second Time


“How come you ain’t like this when I was at MCAC?“ This was Pastor Nelson’s reference a few years ago when we went to visit him.  He was my former pastor.  He was in my church when I first went to MCAC.  He said that after he realized how much we have grown. There were many great times and tough times.  He baptised me.  I led fellowship and was...

Belonging and Community


Recent events brought back memories a few years ago.  These memories are painful reminders. They are key points on my definition of a Christian community (or the Church). This memory is similar to the post, Fall Short. I can still remember those times in Junior High and Highschool when I do dumb things to feel like I belong.  I remembered in Grade 9 I stole somoene’s...

Support and Encouragement


I am taking a ‘break’ from church stuff…hehe..sorta… Maybe it is the part of me that just like to keep thinking and doing stuff. Last night I was bouncing ideas with my youth elder about some ideas and it was very encouraging.  There is a few new initiatives I really want to try this coming September.  I can’t wait. The mission trip, going to St Jamestown...

2010 Church Retreat Videos


Took a few videos while I was at church retreat over the weekend…A nice getaway. I enjoyed the drive. I took a lot of side roads and enjoyed the finer Ontario landscape.

The audio is quiet. You need to turn up your speakers. This is a great video. Definitely worth it.

Seeing God at work among discouragement and bitterness


Last week, my church has Vocation Bible School for the kids.  It was a great outcome.  There were about 150 kids and 63 of them were non-believers. Yesterday, we had a graduation.  The kids were to sing a song in front of everyone. I had the privilege of talking to the parents who never been to my church before.   The children pastor told me to spend time with them.  I...

Forgiving others


This week, my church is having Vacation Bible School (VBS). The children pastor last night shared in Prayer meeting about some of the difficult kids that she had to work with.  She had great wisdom.  She already expect some kids would be trouble makers. There were two kids who often get into fights.  She spoke to each of them.  Later the day, one of the kids went to the pastor...



Encouragement often comes in small and unexpected form… Today, during a gmail chat with a sister from my church. She said: i really want our church to have a culture of mission Bring tears to my eyes =D Speaking of which…a few highschool kids from my church and a few other Alliance Churches went to Peru on a mission trip.  For more update, go here -> . Therefore go and...

Encouragement: See what He sees


[Email sent to my fellowship this morning] Hi everyone, In light of what’s going on in church and what we talked about last night… This morning I came across this blog post which i found rather encouraging… The post was notes taken from a discussion in the Old Testament… Zechariah pulls back the curtain so that God’s people could see with his word what they could not see...

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