Ironman Tombstone
Picked this up from Neoprene Wedgie.
$ 695 (USD) for this:
They really should sell this as a tomb stone with the option to place your name on it.
…Note: Neck feeling much better. Haven’t hit the pool yet. Yesterday did an hour on the bike. A mix of big gears. Good to grind a bit.

Ironman After thoughts.


Let’s break the race down and do some self analysis. Here are my numbers; Overall place 1559 Time 14:21:39 Division place: 93/113 Swim Division place: 110/113 Overall place: 2011 Swim Time: 1:31:57 Swim 100m pace: 2:26 T1: 10:49 (didn’t realize I took so long in the change room 🙂 ) Bike Division place: 107/113 Bike Overall: 1963 Bike Time: 7:49:00 Bike pace: 14.3 miles/hr T2: 5:17 Run...

Ironman Lake Placid Race Report: Part 3 – Where the rubber meets the road


I felt the heat right off the run. I started moving. Not sure about the pace. Kept the legs moving and the heart rate low. I was surprised at how good I felt. I wasn’t feeling fresh. Afterall, I just finished a long bike ride. However, my quads weren’t complaining and I was moving steady. A lady behind me yelled out ‘Race 4 Kids’. That was one of the first emotional moment...

Ironman Lake Placid Report – Part 2: Race Day


I woke up at 3:30 am and did my rountine. Showered, drank my Boost (2 bottles). I also had a cup of coffee. My friend, Len, also came along to Lake Placid. If I am going to have a big day, he will have a bigger day. A great friend he is, he will be my photographer for the day. He already plan to walk outside of the town to get some decent shots. I am very grateful to have him here. We were...

Ironman Lake Placid Report – Part 1: Pre-race


The week leading up to the race I was busy. Afterall this is a BIG race and I want to make sure I have everything ready. I am pretty much packing all my tri and backup gears.Here is my to-do list: i) Get insurance (blue cross) [mon] () ii) Approve days off (July 23) () iii) Let everyone (fellowship) i won’t be here on July 22nd [Wed] () iv) Prepare all gears and check everything to ensure...

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