A Lesson on Obeying Godly Authority


This week is the first week our Bible School is starting classes for 2015.  It is a joy to see some new faces and old faces (from last year’s class). Wai Jia and I spent a considerable time this week teaching on leadership and what it means to be a good ministers.  The students attending the Bible School varies from Pastors, Apostle to young people preparing for ministry.  We even have a...

Seeing God at work among discouragement and bitterness


Last week, my church has Vocation Bible School for the kids.  It was a great outcome.  There were about 150 kids and 63 of them were non-believers. Yesterday, we had a graduation.  The kids were to sing a song in front of everyone. I had the privilege of talking to the parents who never been to my church before.   The children pastor told me to spend time with them.  I...

God doesn’t need me


Something I’ve been mulling over. I come to a conclusion that God doesn’t need me to run His church. God doesn’t need my skills, talents, expertise, resources for His ministry. If there is something that needs to be done, God can do it with or without me, regardless. … At the thought of this, it humbles me….(granted, one ain’t really humble when they admit they...

Book Reflection: A Work of Heart – Commonplace


I finished reading A Work of Heart by Reggie McNeal last night. Very good read.  The last chapter was particularly good.  He went through the pains and joy of following God.  A very good way of looking at how a spiritual leader requires at utmost relationship with Him. If we take a look at all the great leaders in the Bible, Jesus, David, Abraham and Moses, the commonality that...

Leadership, Get Over it and dying to oneself


It’s 2:08 am and I cannot sleep. I re-read one part of a book, A Work of Heart by Reggie McNeal.  It is about how God works through leaders and their heart (not just the process or the steps to effecive leadership). One of the chapters is called Conflict This portion resonant to what I experience in Church, as a leader and in life… “…that no matter how noble...

Exam for Christian Leadership Course (MS 1B03)


The course I was taking this term was Christian Leadership in the 21st Century (MS 1B03). My exam was an open book. It was cool to have the teacher prayed for us before we started. I opened my mind and let it all flow. I was surprise at how organize my thoughts were. I even break down the plan into phases. Perhaps this is a calling and a sign from above?? I feel like I am in phase 1 right now. I...

Thoughts: Leadership, Moses….


Just putting some thoughts that have been on my mind lately. A few years ago when I was leading fellowship, there was a argument between two groups. Things were said and feelings were hurt. I cried to my pastor for help. We had a talk among everyone. Well…both group left the church. I cannot say they left the church because of this. Granted, I got a feeling that some did not feel the church...

Leader in Crisis


Blogging this through my Christian Leadership course…. This morning’s devotion was on when leader in crisis. The passage is 1 Samuel 30. The situation – the Amalekites made a raid and took all the women and everyone and took off valuables. David and his men came back to the city burning to the ground… David’s response (1 Samuel 30:4): So David and his men wept aloud...

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