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I wish….

Sometimes I wish my church is like the other church…. Sometimes I wish my fellowship is like the other fellowship…. How come my Sunday Service is not as energizing as the other one…. Or how come my pastor doesn’t preach like ______ (insert big names John Piper, Tim Keller, Francis Chan etc.)… I think there […]

Sanctification: Feels like crap

A gmail chat with a friend…. just seek Christ…at times u might not feel like u are changing but u will if u look back like 5 years from now that’s usually how sanctification works…it feels like crap or feels like nothing is changing..but it is  it is just like training for a tri it […]

Spiritual Growth and feeding

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while….. On Sat night, I took A to downtown and shared hot dogs with R.  During the drive down, A asked me what’s my view if someone wants to leave a church.  I gave him a whole spill….using the analogy of family and church as my spiritual […]