Tri talk: Getting back on the wagon


Usually I blog about my Christian walk…this post will be a bit different. I like to jot a few thoughts about my health, tri, training and fitness level. It wasn’t until earlier this month, Jan 2012, when I stared myself in the mirror and noticed how much out of shape I had become (aka 2nd trimester anyone?) It coincided with the fact that my fitness level is very low...

Parting is such sweet sorrow


Not that there are many things I cherished.  But for a triathlete, it is definitely the bike. I am always a big fan of riding.  When I was little with my BMX, to the first time my parents got me a 18 speed bike, to my first road bike, to my first tri bike.  There’s some special of going on the road, pedaling down for hours on end. I can still remember the days when I use to...

Mentality between racing for fun and racing to win


Definitely not related to Christian faith but I like to jot this down for my own sake. As I look back over the races I done, triathlons, marathons, road races, some of them I did it for fun and some I do to win (or at least a personal best). Racing for fun is simple, you go in and have fun.  For me, I don’t care too much about my time. Usually this takes in a form of helping another...

Sanctification: Feels like crap


A gmail chat with a friend….
just seek Christ…at times u might not feel like u are changing
but u will if u look back like 5 years from now
that’s usually how sanctification works…it feels like crap or feels like nothing is changing..but it is 
it is just like training for a tri
it feels like crap
but u reap the fruits on race day

Reckless Abandonment


I used to play paintball in a tournament back in University days.  In fact, my friends and I were part of a three man team.  The style of paintball we played is called speedball. Speedball is set up in a symmetrical field with bunkers and a flag in the middle.  Each team starts on opposite side.  The goal is to either bring the flag to the other side or tag (shoot) the other...

Ryder – Weight of a nation


Ryder Hesjedal is a professional cyclist. He is from Canada and will be riding for Team Garmin Cerevelo this year’s Tour De France. He had a remarkable season last year with 7th Overall at Tour De France!
Woohoo!  A Canadian cyclist riding a Canadian bike :O)

From the Pros: Reid and Rapp


Specialized did an one hour interview with Peter Reid and Jordan Rapp.  Peter Reid was a three time Ironman Champion.  When I started triathlon backed in 2005, he was at the end of his career.  Definitely a humble and a very VERY fast guy. Jordan Rapp is also an Ironman Triathlete.  I don’t know much about him other than the fact that he had a bike accident from a hit...

Finding the source of high blood pressure – Overloaded?!?


High Blood pressure can be caused diet, heredity, other drugs, active lifestyle and stress. I was wondering if it was stress.  I could recalled prior to going to Cambodia I was very stressful from work, ministries and school.   I am not sure exactly what’s going on until I stumbled a blog post on Oct () Of course, there are other causes.  The medication I am taking...

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