Three Weddings and A Funeral Marathon.

I just signed up for Toronto Marathon (Oct 14th). In Sept, I have three weddings to attend. As you can imagine, my Sept is packed.

I have mix feelings about training for a marathon. My longest run since Ironman Lake Placid was 30 min. My right quad still had a slight fatigue.

What I do look foward is the 3 hr long runs.

The Toronto Marathon was my first marathon in 2005. I finished in 5 hr 17 min. On the website, it said 98% female passed me :). I was running with a girl and she was tired and I ran with her to the end.

In Lake Placid, I ran a 4:44.

I plan on doing more hill repeats at a lower heart rate. Love the hills.

Toronto Marathon is not necessary hard. The last 21 km (13 miles) doesn’t have much hills. I figure if I train on hills, the actual race will be easy (or easier).

I bought a pair of roller blades and started learning. Boy, is it a tough sport :). I can’t brake or turn :D. A slow descent and I land on my butt 😀

I hope everyone have a great weekend. In Canada, we are having a long weekend.
I will be running, blading or biking.

Let the training begin!


By Cliff

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