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Team Tam 😀

My name is Cliff. I am a father of two, a Chinese Canadian and currently residing in Singapore. I followed Jesus when I was 25. If you like to read more about my story, you can find it at (About Cliff).

When it comes to following Jesus, there are two things I am passionate about. They are missions and discipleship.


Wai Jia and me at a Primary School. (Uganda)

My wife and I traveled to various nations doing short-term missions. We also embarked on a long-term mission where we stayed in Uganda for one year.

I love to talk about missions, do missions and I am thankful for being part of His Mission.


Discipleship is not a classroom or a course. Rather, it is understanding what it means to follow Jesus.

Teaching at a local church (Uganda)

Putting them together

I realized that mission and discipleship are intertwined. You can’t have one without the other.

I have counselled many students as they have questions about what it means to follow Jesus and how to be part of His Mission. I can’t say I have all the answers but I hope I can impart wisdom from our experiences on and off the field.

Why A webinar?

I have met many students who have questions about these two topics. I asked myself, “why don’t I start a webinar on missions and discipleship?” It will be called the Audience of One. The One, is of course, Jesus Christ, and that’s the only person we should seek approval from in our lives.

The webinar will be once a week where I focus on one topic for 45 min. It will be Biblically-based (so bring your Bible book or app). It will be an interactive session where you can ask questions and I like to hear your thoughts and opinions as well.

Some of the questions I will discuss include:

I am planning to run two sessions, one on Thurs evening and one on Sun afternoon. It will start on Aug 13th and run for two months. If you are interested, please fill the form below.

topic series

  1. What is Discipleship
  2. What is Missions
  3. His Mission, not ours
  4. Discerning God’s Will
  5. Helping the poor
  6. Spiritual Readiness
  7. Serving Cross-culturally
  8. Relationships and conflicts

I have finished this series of webinars. If you like the slides, notes and additional readings, please go here -> https://clifftam.com/webinar-slides/

Disclaimer: I am currently pursuing my Masters of Divinity and this webinar will be part of my Internship in which I need to complete my course. This means that I will be recording the sessions and my mentor will evaluate me.