What tri is all about…

I am fortunate to help out the Mississauga Triathlon Kids of Steels on Sat. I was de-triing for a few weeks but just watching the kids in action I could feel the race juices flowing.

I was directing the kids to ride the loop or back to transition. There was one kid that hit the curb and flipped. He got up screaming. Then I ask him what happen. He told me how his wheel hit the curb. As he was looking at the bike and pointing at the front tire, he forgot about the pain. Then he just got back on his bike and finish the ride.

Another kid’s shoe came off during the bike. I had to run down and get it for him…

I yelled out encouragement to every kid. It was great to see a few polite ones to say thank you. I started to high fives a few of them as they went by.

I can’t believe how hard it is to be a volunteer. I stood for eight hours and I was feeling it . I rather wished I bike for eight hours. But to see the smile of a kid in the race..priceless. There were about 900 kids participated in this race. It is suppose to be the largest in Canada. Every kid had a blast and this is what tri is all about. To just go and have fun…. 🙂

Today, I had meetings after church. The weather was perfect and I managed to squeeze in 30 min bike ride. It felt great to be on the road again. I spent the last 10 min practicing mounting and dismounting with my bike shoes on the clips. Very fun. I had problem mounting. Darren mentioned about using rubber bands to hold the shoes upright.

I am doing the Niagara On The Lake Duathlon this Sat. Nothing fancy. Race blind (no HRM, no Bike comp) and have fun. I managed to grab a few friends from my Fellowship to join me. It will be an awesome day.

These bikes are probably more expensive than mine 🙂


This kid just finish the bike….oh he ain’t running 🙂

Hardcore 🙂


By Cliff

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