What’s my identification?


I am reading John MacArthur’s The Master’s Plan for the Church.

Tonight, this passage struck me…

“In my life, I don’t know where John MacArthur ends and Jesus Christ beings. (But when I sin, I know I am responsible!) It should be natural for you to see God at work in your life, sensing His power, experiencing His answers to your prayers, following His guidance, and being refreshed by His comfort.”

I felt what John felt more so than say the last year. Throughout my Christian living, I felt that there are more and more opportunity to serve Christ. Not only in more opportunities but also in different areas.

I have been:

– lead a fellowship
– struggle together with two friends that suffered depression
– connect with those who are mentally ill
– connect with highschool teens

….and these are of my own strength. I could still remember the time of two friends who was struggling from depression. And both of them are healed (praise the Lord). I remembered praying hard and being there for them. That reminded me of how God answers my prayers (must remember that).

When John MacArthur spoke about not knowing where Christ ends and where John begins, it is stage where Christ dwell in his heart. He is so connected to Christ that evangelism, outreach, caring, repentance of sin is ‘natural’.

I am very tempted to say we all should aim for this stage. At the same time, this is not a project where if you plug in xyz, you will get this.

For me, it is matter of digging deep and being open and honest with myself. What’s my faith? Why do I call myself a Christian? What’s the identification of Christians? At the end of the day, where do I stand and whom do I serve?

These are the questions that echo in my heart. They prompt me to start a journey on seeking Christ. Not because I have to, but because I want to. All the world treasures do not satisfy me. I need a pond that I can drink from and never get thirsty.

Only at that stage of frustration when I open myself wholly to Christ. Only then when I let God work in all areas of my life. Only then do I see I am being refreshed by His comfort.

By Cliff

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