Who here rides in the rain in 42*F?

That was the weather today. It was cold and wet. My hands were frozen. Me and my friend rode for 30 min before I called it off. There is no need to freeze any body parts off.

I have a question. Is it possible to ride in such weather? I don’t mind the cold. I just mind the wetness. I have a pair of booties on. That was magic. My feet were dry and warm. I had three layers on so my core was fine. My legs were freezing a bit (short pair of spandex + knee warmers). I wore a hat under my helmet. I had a ear band wore on my neck to block the wind.
My hands were really cold. I had a pair of water proof, wind proof shell gloves. That didn’t work. Perhaps, I should have wore an inner layer in it. Or get another and better insulated pair of gloves.

On another news, I want to show you the tofu that mom (instead of my sis) got me for my b-day. Amazing..it tastes and looks just like a mango moouse cake.


  • 42 F is shorts weather, but the rain would really suck.

    Great job on your last run though.

    Wish there was a Chinese bakery around here.

  • I used to ride in 42F and a little lower in winter when I was studying in Vancouver. Having proper full length tights with wind blocking front helps loads. I also used inner liner with my gloves. Not exactly toastie, but keeps it bearable – until I get in doors and the blood begins to flow again through my ears. OUCH!

    Nowadays I ride in weather 86F and up. 🙂

  • Hey, that’s what trainers are for. I will ride in rain if it’s warm, otherwise I can’t stay out long enough to justify the time it takes to clean the bike.

    Sounds like you were dressed well, it was just a cold rain Cliff. I did not ride at all on Sunday.

  • Cliff, I usually wear a pair of Giordana WindTex gloves in the rain and if it’s somewhat cold like 42F then I’ll wear a pair of Pearl Izumi Amfib bib tights which has wind/water proof front and a patch up your butt as well to help with the stream of water that you kick up from your rear wheel. Booties are good though they cna leak after a while, also wear wool socks, they keep your feet warm even when wet.

  • In Oregon if you don’t ride/run in the wind/rain/cold then you do not ride or run.

    It’s pretty simple.

    Get the best gear you can afford, know in your head it will suck to be out there, then get out there and get it done.

    It’s pretty simple.

  • no one here rides in 42F and rain outside.

    full credit to you for trying to make a go of it.

    when i was in Toronto, i would swap out that ride day for a run day — 42F and raining — that’s perfect!

    actually, that sounds like Christmas day this year back home — i was out running while kids were opening their gifts, and it looked like the snowmen were crying because Santa didn’t give them anything for Christmas, except rain!

  • Ditto Steven’s thoughts on working out in the rain…I have started embracing it here in Oregon…ok, maybe accept it is a better word. Fenders on your bike- makes a huge difference in the wet weather…Hopefully that is all behind us with summer around the corner right!?
    One slice of tofu cake for me please!;-)

  • I know what you mean about the cold. we are heading towards winter here in Australia and I am dreading the cold rides. All you can do is rug up and hope that the wind chill isnt too bad. My particular hate are the cold frosty mornings of -1 to -3 C. I cant seem to keep my hands warm on these types of mornings and when you get back and take a warm shower the fingers feel like their being jabbed with hot pokers.

  • sometimes in realy bad rain, i find that nothing keeps you dry, and it becomes more a case of keeping you warm while wet – i echo that you should get the best you can and think layers

  • There is a solution to your cold and wetness problem…permanent migration! Head south brotha! You could ride outside longer, and I could sample the mango mousse cake…

  • Happy Birthday (belated), Cliff!

    I hate being cold… the only thing worse is being cold and wet. I feel for you, son. That’s when you hop on the trainer!

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