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Caffeine makes you go longer! Picked this up from Dr. Mirkin’s weekly email: Dr. Mirkin’s Fitness & Health eZine April 12, 2009 Special Issue on Coffee and other Caffeine Sources Researchers at the University of Illinois report that 300 mg of caffeine (the amount in four cups of coffee) reduces muscle burning during intense exercise in both regular coffee drinkers and in those who...

Darrin Patrick – Life with Non-Christians


Got this from Missio Dei Suburbia: For me, there are two area which I am intentionally at. Triathlon and Open Door. Off the bat, Darrin stresses do you like hanging out with non-Christians. This strike a cord. For me, there is always a tendency to hang out with Christians and live life. And often, people get offended when I made such a statement. Evangelism/outreach/missional is not a one day or...

Exile: Eating with ‘sinners’


I am in the process of writing my last paper for the course, Exile: A Motif for Postmodern Ministry. I just finished reading a chapter on Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture by Michael Frost. The chapter is called “Exiles at the table”. He pretty much focus on the dinner table and how exiles throughout the Bible were often encountered making choices by the food they...

Signs of a Fun Run
When you shoes look like the following, you know you had a fun run 🙂 The river was over flowing again. Half of the trail was flooded. I had to back track and re-route. Good times good times.

Wholehearted Christianity


There is only one way to live: all-out, go-for-broke, risk-taking, pedal-to-the-metal, ferociously joyful and grateful enthusiasm for the Lord Jesus Christ. Halfway Christianity is the most miserable existence of all. Halfway Christians know enough to feel guilty about themselves but haven’t gone far enough to get happy in Christ. Wholehearted Christianity is very happy. – Ray Ortlund...

Ironman Tombstone
Picked this up from Neoprene Wedgie.
$ 695 (USD) for this:
They really should sell this as a tomb stone with the option to place your name on it.
…Note: Neck feeling much better. Haven’t hit the pool yet. Yesterday did an hour on the bike. A mix of big gears. Good to grind a bit.

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