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Book reflection: Irresistible Revolution


I first heard of Shane Claiborne a few months ago from a friend. As always, I did a look up on the internet. I saw a video of him on youtube. His message struck a cord. He also wrote a book called The Irresistible Revolution. I borrowed it from a friend and finished it in four days. I was so engross in the book, I couldn’t take it away from my hands. He talked about living in a way that is...

Adaptation and Being a Third Culture Christian


First time I heard Dave Gibbons speak. This is some amazing stuff.
The part where he talks about who’s our neighbour. That just brings it home.
– to reach the mass, focus on one– to reach the rich, have to become poor– to grow big, have to focus on being small.
Become a mustard seed. Become water.

Exponential Conference


I am not there and I am seeing the conference streaming through the net.

This is so cool. One of the speakers was saying don’t build churches. Build disciples. You can run a church without building disciples. Focus on the people who are lost, seek them and transform their lives.

Seeking His Will and His Kingdom…


Keeping this one short as well.. A few more things pop in my mind.. How do Cliff in Apr 2009 seek His Will and His Kingdom? – Focus in Mississauga. This is where God place me and surround me with pagans. – I reach lost people. Those who do not go to church or welcome at church. The more they are lost, the more I go after them.– Arrive in broken and in weakness. This is probably...

Wow Not sure if anyone saw this before: Carl Joseph was elected to the Florida High School Athletic Hall of Fame on Feb. 23, 2009. CBS Sports Dan Dierdorf calls him “the most amazing athlete I’ve ever seen.” Carl’s unprecedented exploits have been memorialized in this video, using old game footage that had been lost to Carl for the last 29 years. The video shows why he was...

A few short words…


What’s on my mind lately…
“Sometimes I feel like I am a rich kid pretending playing to be a Christian.“
“I do not know how to love anymore. It is like as if I am learning how to love again.“
More to add….

Glimpses of God


Do people see glimpses of God when I train?Do others see glimpses of God when I work?
My God, may when I am out on the road and on races you will be glorified. For medals will rust and victory will pass. And glimpses of God will last forever….

Learning how to love


Lately, I realize that I do not know how to love. What I do right now. Wondering around in the streets. Sharing a coffee and a cookie with strangers. That’s what I am trying to learn. To learn how to love. I use to think I know. Though I can see I have a heart of a pharisee. Time to go to bed..explore on that part later….if there is anything, I need to have more grace, not less. More...



What is, therefore, our task today? Shall I answer: “Faith, hope, and love”? That sounds beautiful. But I would say – courage. No, even that is not challenging enough to be the whole truth. Our task today is recklessness. For what we Christians lack is not psychology or literature… we lack a holy rage The recklessness which comes from the knowledge of God and humanity. The ability to rage...

Long ride I haven’t done this for a while. Plan was a 3.5 hr long ride. Did 4 hr. Ended up reaching a park called Hilton Falls. Irony is that the day before I asked a friend about that park. Stopped to grab a chocolate bar and a bottle of water. Starving the whole ride. Next time eat lunch before heading out. Checked out a slope (by Glen Eden). It was steep to the point even when I was...

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