A funny tale about the stray cats


In Singapore, there’s a lot of stray cats.  I consider them as squirrels in Canada. I am not sure why they are there.  I suspect it is because they are kept to keep the mice and cockroaches number down.  The cats keep to themselves.  Sometimes the locals will feed them cat food.

Cats are territorial creatures.  Once in a while you will hear loud screeching and meowing as one cat chases the other.

Tonight I witness a rather funny situation.  There’s one unit in the ground floor of a condo where the window is kept open.  Once I saw a cat leaped into the window.  I guess the owner doesn’t mind.

As I was walking to grab dinner, I saw one cat jumped into the window.  Another cat followed that cat.  A few seconds later, someone in the house is moving.  The two cats suddenly came back out the window and running as fast as they can.  The other cats in the vicinity saw that and ran as well.

One thing I do notice about the stray cats are that their tails are often chopped off or grow curly (very unnatural) position.

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By Cliff

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