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Dusting off this blog

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I have been blogging since 2005. That’s almost 20 years! Though not very consistent.

What started with a triathlon blog turned into a Christian blog. And I stopped blogging in 2011 after I came to Singapore.

These days, I’ve shared most of my thoughts on social media (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok). But one thing I don’t like about those platforms is that:

  1. It is limiting in nature. You can go deep into a topic.
  2. Tendency to worry about what others think – every time I post, I will check if anyone likes it or comments. This obsession is not healthy. At the same time, I feel like I am performing instead of being myself.

So, we get back to this blog. Right now, the blog design, layout and structure are a mess. Sorry if you are reading this. But I am working on cleaning the site up.

I also want to blog more because this is my space on the Internet where I can share how I feel without worrying what others will say. Haha, I know others will still read it. But internally, I am less conscious.

Blogging more will be my goal for 2024. I won’t come to a point where I don’t care whether people see it or not as long as I am true to myself and it honours God.

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