Today I handed in my resignation letter.  My supervisor and I walked into my VP’s room to ‘talk’.

My time in Mississauga is limited. Every time I see someone.  Every time I drive past my neighbourhood.  I slow down to absorb the moment.  I will be going soon.

Overseas Missionary Fellowship will be sending me to Sinagpore in November 4th.

It is coming and it is coming fast.

The four doors I mentioned in March. The four doors that God has to open…

  • home
  • field
  • medical
  • support
God has open all of them.  

Though I haven’t raised all my support, OMF needed me to be there to replace someone by mid November.  So they are looking for some way to support me as well.  

The time has come for me to go.

A lot of people is asking am I excited.  I am still in awe.  In awe of how things are turning out.  In awe of learning to surrender (literally) everything to Him.

My friend and I were chatting today about sometimes in life when we want more control in life.  Say our finance,our career, our lifestyle, we get more scared.

To which she replied:

no control no scare.

It is true.  I have no control in this.  Of course, this is His Mission, I am only a participant. He’s the main actor and I am just an extra.

I want to thank you for all those who read this blog and support me and encourage me along the way.

I have three weeks to wind down, to settle down everything here before tasking on what the Lord has in store for me in Singapore.

All I can say is…dang I will miss those frozen Canadian winters!!!

Really :O)..Praise the Lord for He is Good…..


  • Hey brother! I just stumbled onto this blog today and I'm so encouraged to here about your testimony and how you're a triathlete. Don't worry, god has big plans for you. I know , I just came back from a one year missions trip to east Asia with cru. God taught me alot there, character building and also friendship building too. I just got back from the mission field and started doing triathlons. I did two and my last one was Olympic distance and got 9th in my age group. It's all for his glory! Anyways I just want to encourage you, keep support raising I had to raise 38k for my trip, if god wants you there, he will take you there.


  • I will be praying for you in the days ahead Cliff. You've grown a lot since the days when I began reading your blog. I know the Lord will use you to make a real kingdom difference on the field. Look forward to reading about how he is using you.

By Cliff

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