Peterborough Fun. Half Ironman Peterborough Quick Report

Aaron just dropped me back home.

5 hr 45 min.

50 min swim
2:55 bike
1:55 run

Age Group 16/20 (Dang i wish they give prizes from the bottom up :P).

Overall a good time. The run was toasty 🙂

To summarize:

Swim – two loops. By 500 m, I was swimming fine. A lot of slapping around. More so than two years ago when I did this race.

Bike – Keep the HR 150s-160s. Eat and drink. Ride small ring on the hills. When I swim so slow, I started to picking off people.

Run – Where the fun begins. By 14 km, I was falling apart. I had to walk for a bit b/c i drink too much water. A 55 year old passed me, I stayed w/ him for about 20 min. In the last 5 km, just holding on. Passed one guy in my age group with 3 km to go :). A few seconds behind a 23-yr-old female.

I got some nice tan lines and two sore toes.

Darren did wicked on the course. 4:30. 8th overall, first in his AG. This guy is a monster 🙂

Aaron did 5:15. Glad he waited for me at the end.

Now beer and wings are calling…

Great to just go long…. :)..Will give a more detail report later…..thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


By Cliff

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