I thank you for all that you blessed me beyond my means.

I thank you for all the things that you have given to me. Even things I am not aware of.

I thank you for forgiving me and not ignore me when I purposely displease you with my act.

I thank you for your compassion and love. For during the tough times, I am reminded for your ever gentleness. For giving me a task to do, even many times I have proven unworthy in your eyes.

I prayed for you to give me strength for what you wish me to do. And the strength be proportion to the task.

I prayed for boldness and endurance to stay radical in your name. May my action be a sacrifice that is a blessing in your eyes.

I am delighted to be in your court and marvel at your laws. May you reminded me and convict me so that I will never be led astray.

If it is Your Will Lord, then I will as well….

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  • I wish this post had been read before Thanksgiving Cliff. It was a blessing. Glad to see that you are taking the class at the divinity college. During the three years I’ve been blogging the spiritual growth in your life is obvious. I appreciate your commitment and boldness for your faith.

By Cliff

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