Finally settle down in Singapore.  

After picking up my Employment Pass this morning, I am able to give a photocopy to my landlord so she can registered me as her tenants.  Singapore is strict on who people rent to.   Without an Employment Pass, my landlord can get all sort of trouble.
So tonight after work, I moved in.  It is nice to really settle down.  For the past two weeks, I’ve been living at my friend’s, Andrew’s, place.  Though he is very generous in offering a place for me (for free!), it feels like I’ve been holding my breathe.  
Today at OMF I also receive my new laptop.  So things are slowly settling down.  With the Employment pass, I can setup a bank account (then OMF can transfer my monthly living allowance) and start a phone plan.
I am only renting one room as there’s not much I really need.  All I can see is that it is settle in a place I will call home in this two years.
Fried Chicken at the local market.

Yes, those are my swim shorts hanging at the closet. Sorry! I need a way to dry them :O)

The command center.

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  • Hey Cliff. It's exciting reading about your adventures to Singapore.

    In fact I'm travelling to Singapore this weekend prior to departing to Cambodia the following week for a short term missions trip and I thought it'd be pretty legendary if we could cross paths 🙂

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