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Bible Society published an article on how you can help the Christians getting persecuted in Iraq.

One of the ways to help is to write to your MP (Member of Parliament).  I never written to my MP before.  Sometimes I get stuck with the idea that writing one letter will not make a difference in light of what’s going on.  However, I decided this time I needed to do my part and voice out for the voiceless.

In Canada, you can find who your MP by entering your postal code.

Here’s some tip on how to write to your MP.

This is the letter I sent to my MP.  If you are concerned about the Christians (and also the Yazidis) in Iraq and you are a Canadian, I encourage you to write to your MP as well.


Dear _______,

My name is Cliff Tam and I am a Canadian living in your constituent in Mississauga.

I am writing because of the situation regarding the persecution of Christians and Yazidis in Iraq.  I am deeply saddened to see the escalation of violence in Iraq especially after years of fighting.  It is saddening to hear that people are forced to either convert to Islam, pay tax or be killed.  I would like to know if Canada is involved in the humanitarian work of bringing relief and protecting these people from further persecution.

I understand the complexity of operating in the Middle East given the current situation.  At the same time, I also see Canada as one of the leaders in standing up for human rights and freedom of expression- this is what we are known for and this is one of the Canadian values I am proud of.  I hope Canada will be able to participate in some way to bring relief just as our peacekeepers had done in Bosnia and in Rwanda.  

I understand that you have a busy schedule and have many priorities to consider. However, I hope this letter will express my sentiments sufficiently.  

I thank you for your hard work as an MP to represent the Canadians living in Mississauga.  I hope you have a great day and may you find fulfilment in your work to build a better nation for all of us.

Thank you,

Cliff Tam


Side note:  We also thought of starting an online petition.  But it turns out that currently in Canada the Parliament only accepts written petition.  Kennedy Stewart is setting a motion for ePetitions.  If you are interested, go to Kennedy’s site and find out more about Motion 428.

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