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Yesterday’s training + email… Just to recap what I did yesterday. Hill Repeat ~ 30′– HR kept from 150 – 178– five times repeat Swim ~ 25′– pull, 20 laps (1 km)– HR at 140-150 (better than before when it hit 160s) The run, my legs ache. They are still tired from yesterday. I just […]

A weekend to be. Sat106 km ride (was planning to do another 20 km but my quads died) ~240′15′ run right after (good, HR low, legs use to running) Sun75 km ride (Becel Ride for Heart with Will, windy and long grinding hills)20′ open water swim30 km ride (Recovery ride with friends, blew my quads […]

Open water swimming is a spectator sport.For the kiddies, it is. So I headed over to the beaches last night. Got my wetsuit up and started from one end of the shore. I swam for about 75 ft before I got up and rested a bit. Just so happen I was standing in front of […]

So what do you do…. What do you do when you freak out about open water?What do you do when you have some knee pains and need of rest?What do you do when you don’t have enough sleep because you are spinning a lot of plates? You go for a swim. And off I went. […]