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Hollow Worship

Today’s sermon gripped me to the point where I couldn’t sing the response song. I felt hollow. I felt fake and I felt superficial. Words coming out of my mouth seemed meaningless. I was giving God lip-service. The pastor preached on worship and brought out a passage from Isaiah 1:11-19 11 “The multitude of your […]

A little sense of community

Last night as I was leaving the Y and walking to my car, I thought about the sense of community that I experience outside of church. It was in 2006 when I started to seriously train for triathlon. What this means is a daily routine of exercise and a number of habits(rest, stretch, eating healthy […]

If the family were a Church…

Picked this post from Roy McClung’s blog. We often think of church as a family. What if we think of family as a church…. Here’s one possible scenario: Two young men walked in the den where grandma was watching her “stories”. They shuffled their feet, made small talk, but finally got down to business. “Grandma, […]

Confession, my hinderance to community living

In my previous post, I mentioned about Acts 2 Fellowship. Tonight, over a chat with a few brothers, I made a confession. The fact is a part of me is repulse by such a fellowship is possible. In Greek, the word for fellowship is koinonia. Based on Wiki, koinonia “implies the spirit of generous sharing […]

Believer or a follower?

A few days ago during lunch, I asked a brother the difference between a follower and a disciple of Christ. To be honest, I am quite sarcastic as I asked him. I knew the answer already. However, I want to see from his point of view. If there is a weakness in me, it is […]