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Minding God’s Business

I still keep in touch with my university friends.  We meet up once in a while. One of us is getting married.  She is the first one from the group.  All of us were very excited.  We asked a lot of questions and a lot of laughs over sushi tonight. On the way back home, […]

Tears of Outcry, Joy and Hope

I was watching this video last night.  It brought tears to my eyes.  They were not tears of sadness.  No.  These are tears of outcry, tears of joy and tears of Hope.  These are tears of seeing the God whom I’ve been reading in the Bible at work.  The living God. The God who is […]

Google Maps is now Cyclist Friendly! Google Maps now include biking trails.  Very COOL.  Too bad it is only available in US 🙁 (for now.)


I sat there with a cup of coffee in my hand.  The coffee wasn’t the greatest.  There wasn’t any sugar available.  It was bitter and it was stale. There were many sweets and cakes.  I wasn’t too hungry.  Nor do I want too much sugar going in my system. I sat at the corner watching. […]

Sunday’s Coming

“Sunday’s Coming” Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

Mother’s Day

Source My family is not the festive type. In Christmas, we don’t put up a tree.  For each other birthdays, we tend to go out and eat a meal together. My parents don’t go for fancy things.  They are the practicality type.  As such, them, I am quite like that. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and […]

Between good and good reflection

Yesterday I wrote a post entitled, Between Good and Good. In it, I wrote: Another example is triathlon.  It is a great testimony and a great ministry.  A lot of people encourage me to keep doing it.  Great for health.  It is fun. It brings hope to others. These are all good things.  At the […]

Between good and good

Just write a quick post before I head out for lunch. I notice that the choices I make as a Christian is not between good and bad. It is not a decision whether to steal or not to steal. In a world of affluence, often it is a subtle difference between good and good. When […]


A few weeks ago, the IT technician came by and talked to me that they noticed a huge usage of bandwidth on my computer.  They thought it might be a malware or a virus. They did a scan on my computer.  They found nothing. Yesterday, they came by again.  This time more serious and more urgent. […]