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Surprised by mercy


It was one Wed night a few weeks ago. The drive back home was brutal.  Traffic jam was everywhere.   On top of that, I had an upset stomach.  All I could think about was rushing back home. It was a block away from my house when I was looking for my keys while driving.  Without paying attention, the car in front of me stopped.  I looked up just in time to press hard on the...

Quiet front


Amidst planning for a mission trip, preparing my trip for Boston (leaving this afternoon), and other few things (had a fender bender last week, sorted out this week, took my fellowship to Open Door to help out, chores)…I had been quiet on this blogging front. I am looking forward to this weekend heading to Boston to visit my previous English Pastor. He started to pastor my church just when...

God is…


Some ideas from reading an interview of Tim Chester on his book, You Can Change. In one of the questions, he mentioned that God is great, God is glorious, Good is good and God is gracious.  These are some of the common characteristics of God which as a Christian I learnt quite often at church, fellowship, Bible Study and Sunday School. What I enjoyed reading from this interview is...



This will be posted in my church’s bulletin on Sun. Last year, B led a mission team to St James Town to organize a day camp for the kids. By partnering with Toronto City Mission (TCM), the team shared Christ to many children who never heard of our Savior for the first time. With the Lord’s blessing, it was a great success. Seeing the need of the gospel among the poverty and to give an...

Rethinking Christian Growth and Salvation by Grace


Perhaps this is coming from the culture where we have to work hard to get things we want.  Like study hard in school, to get good grades and get recognize.  Work hard at work to make the big bucks to have a better life.  At the thought of something to gain without ‘working’ with our own merit almost seem inconceivable. Just thinking like this, my mind spontaneously jump...

Christian Growth


Christian growth doesn’t happen by working hard to get something you don’t have. Christian growth happens by working hard to live in the reality of what you do have. – Tullian Tchividjian

Will give more thoughts on this later tonight.

Wait for the Lord


Because of the nature of my job and I work in the Internet Marketing industry, I response to emails very very quickly.  If I know the answer, I will fired back a response in a few minutes. With my quick response nature, almost real-time, I often expect God to give me a response just as fast. And walking with the Lord for a few years now, I know this usually doesn’t happen. Especially...

Turn away from it


Dr. Wilbur Chapman once gave this rule of thumb for determining our way of living. He said: “Anything that dims my vision of Christ, or takes away my taste for Bible study, or cramps my prayer life, or makes Christian work more difficult is wrong for me, and I must, as a Christian, turn away from it.” (Source) As such, I am not doing the half Mississauga marathon tomorrow. There is one focus...

Lightweight living


I read this article a few days ago.  It is about a couple who after coming from a long hike and realized there were a lot of things in their life they don’t need. What do you do with things you don’t need?  You chuck it out. This is what they did.  They started to give away their possessions and realized there is a lot that they don’t need to live.  The...

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