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Amidst planning for a mission trip, preparing my trip for Boston (leaving this afternoon), and other few things (had a fender bender last week, sorted out this week, took my fellowship to Open Door to help out, chores)…I had been quiet on this blogging front.

I am looking forward to this weekend heading to Boston to visit my previous English Pastor.

He started to pastor my church just when I started attending.  He was there when I was baptist and invited me to the English Ministry Committee (deacon overseeing the English Congregation).  He is very positive, always laughing and encouraging.

There is one thing I always look upon him is that he always has time for me.  Even when he is pastoring another church.  I joke that even if he run away to Boston we still go and stalk him 🙂

On Tues, my friend and I went to St Jamestown to walk around and pray for the people.

Here’s a short video I took.  St Jamestown is one of the most densely populated area in Toronto.  I will be taking a team later this summer to set up a children camp.

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