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Last year, B led a mission team to St James Town to organize a day camp for the kids. By partnering with Toronto City Mission (TCM), the team shared Christ to many children who never heard of our Savior for the first time. With the Lord’s blessing, it was a great success.

Seeing the need of the gospel among the poverty and to give an opportunity for the English Congregation to reach out to the lost, again we are privilege to hold a joint mission with Fluid this summer with TCM’s sunshine day camp on August 16-19.  Our goal is to maintain the relationship to the kids we witness last year and extend the love of Christ to them by providing activities such as crafts, sports, singing, drama and Bible based stories to children (6 to 12 years old).

If you have the heart for mission and interested in extending God’s Kingdom, please contact Cliff Tam at [email protected]

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