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Questions, Thinking, Sunday School Answers

This post is probably a bit of rambling from what I experience tonight and my own walk as a Christian. Tonight, a friend and I had a discussion about how to pray and what’s the best way to pray. It was a wonderful discussion about God, dating, seeking His Will, temptation and everything in between. […]

Creed – One Last Breathe

Love the guitar in the beginning. Creed – One Last Breathe Please come now I think I’m falling I’m holding on to all I think is safe It seems I found the road to nowhere And I’m trying to escape I yelled back when I heard thunder But I’m down to one last breath And […]


Everyday I get up, it feels like a to do list. That’s how I was feeling for the past three weeks.  Everyday, there’s something to do.  A list of things needed to be done.  Emails. Follow-ups. Plan. Make decisions. I haven’t posted as much in the past few weeks.   I went to Cambodia on […]

Hagar Cambodia – The Two Sue’s

I can see things in my childhood, in my teenager years, in my early working years, I am ready for this.  I was born for this…. The video shows the Hagar’s Aftercare Facility I visited two months ago.  

Oswald Chambers Devotion: Readiness

Picked this up from Oswald Chambers Daily Devotion this morning. God called unto him and he said, Here am I Exodus 3:4 When God speaks, many of us are like men in a fog, we give no answer. Moses’ reply revealed that he was somewhere. Readiness means a right relationship to God and a knowledge […]

From the Pros: Reid and Rapp

Specialized did an one hour interview with Peter Reid and Jordan Rapp.  Peter Reid was a three time Ironman Champion.  When I started triathlon backed in 2005, he was at the end of his career.  Definitely a humble and a very VERY fast guy. Jordan Rapp is also an Ironman Triathlete.  I don’t know much […]


After all these years, this quote still inspire me… “He is showing us the plan for a Christian church that is much more than an association of congenial friends to listen once a week to an intellectual discourse and musical entertainment and carry on by proxy a mechanism of Christian work; but rather a church […]