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Tri talk: Getting back on the wagon


Usually I blog about my Christian walk…this post will be a bit different. I like to jot a few thoughts about my health, tri, training and fitness level. It wasn’t until earlier this month, Jan 2012, when I stared myself in the mirror and noticed how much out of shape I had become (aka 2nd trimester anyone?) It coincided with the fact that my fitness level is very low...



There‚Äôs a time when it must walk among the branches, looking over the height, over its surrounding.  It must flap its wings.  For a moment thinking whether they will hold itself in the air.  There might be a sense of fear, excitement and above all, unknown. How will flight taste like? I am not sure if birds think as human do.  Maybe it is part of their gene and wiring...

2012, a new year


Going to do a quick blog post before I go to OMF morning prayer.  There’s a general feeling of reminisce at the end of a year.  2011.  What was I doing at the beginning of the year? What happened? What’s going on now?What did I miss? What were the most memorable moments? As often, looking back one year it feels like time went back really quickly and at the same time a...

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