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Excitement of Mission Trip and the ‘normal’ Christian Life


My church in Canada sent a team to Suriname last week and I’ve been following them via Facebook and their blog.  It is exciting to hear about their joy and excitement as they train, teach and reach out to the community. It is this joy and excitement which I am excited about. I wonder how is it different than sometimes we go to church every Sunday more just to get by.  Attend a...

Man Up on Relationship


I figure I jot this down while the thoughts are still fresh in my head (and in my heart)…. I’ve been through a number of discussion, especially with the male counterparts, about what it means to be Christian man. I often joke that as guys we grunt, eat meat or other male stereotypes.  Sometimes, the discussion doesn’t turn very Christian-like (edifying), as we (myself...

Blogging and transition


I haven’t blogging as much. I have a few blog posts saved.  A few thoughts started.  But never finished. Being in Singapore, I have Internet connection on my phone, with an Internet stick, at home and at work. Yet, to sit still and formulate a thought (or a post), is rare. I am learning again to be still.  Learning to love the poor and the lost.  Learning to have that...

Embrace Trials


One of the tips given on the mission field is that the greatest challenge is not reaching those who do not know Christ, it is working with the team on the field.  Because the team can be formed from various of backgrounds, values, cultures, expectations and denominations, your team can be a great source of discouragement and disagreement. I often think I am a great team player  and...

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