Embrace Trials


One of the tips given on the mission field is that the greatest challenge is not reaching those who do not know Christ, it is working with the team on the field.  Because the team can be formed from various of backgrounds, values, cultures, expectations and denominations, your team can be a great source of discouragement and disagreement.

I often think I am a great team player  and value unity among diversity.  
I can work with anyone.
I can learn and appreciate others point of views.
So on and so fourth.
Here in Singapore, I am being challenged.  
Different in interpreting the Bible.  Different in leadership style.  Different in work attitude.
And among the transition.  There are times when I face frustration and discouragement.  
And as much as I want to run away and call it quit, I am learning to embrace them.  
To embrace them, because that’s how God is refining me.  
And perhaps I am not as a team player as I thought I was.
And perhaps I am value diversity and want my own way.
When trial comes, a decision needs to be made.  Either I choose to use this as a lesson to learn and grow from.  Or ask God to take it away and do what I can to avoid at all course.
A mature Christian.  One that walk in the Lord and knows His heart and His ways will always choose the former.  
It is through this periods of trials, we grow.  And so I am learning too.  Learning not to always get my way.  Learning to get along with everyone.  
And always appreciating other brothers and sisters in Christ.
By Cliff

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