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I will risk myself on you


When Wai Jia and I planned our wedding a few months ago, we wanted to share with the world our story.  A friend introduced us a very talented videographer, Josiah Ng. If you haven’t watched it, I hope you can take the next 13 minutes to watch the video below.  It is God’s story weaving into ours.    There was a sentence at the end of the video; I will risk myself on you. The...

Justice, Mercy and Faithfulness


In preparation for the church’s Christmas Drama (I am playing Pilate), I started to read the life of Jesus leading up to the Crucifixion.  Particularly from the Gospel of Matthew. In Matthew, Chapter 23, Jesus gave seven woes against the Pharisees and calling them hypocrites. There was one woe that I was drawn to…  “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you...



A while ago, I read an article relate to those who work in the IT field.  Since most of our work are virtual (bits and bytes), there’s a invigorating feeling when we perform physical work, like chores.  The rationale is we get to physically see and touch things we accomplished. Perhaps this is why I enjoy chores.  Yes it is work as it is tiring.  I am not a clean freak...

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