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I lived in Hong Kong until I was eight before my family moved to Canada.  Hong Kong has a special place in my heart.  I have fond memories of my relatives and cousins gathering together during Chinese New Year and other holidays.  For Christmas, I would stay at my grandparents (my mother’s side).  They would […]

[Wed Q&A] How did you and Wai Jia meet and end up marrying so fast?

How did you and Wai Jia meet and end up marrying so fast? Would love to hear your love story, if possible! To be honest, it wasn’t as fast as you think.  Many people watched our video of how we got together and thought it was amazing. But in actual fact, we wrote to each […]

A Boat Bobbing in an Ocean

For the past few weeks, many people inquired about the future of my wive and me. My role with OMF is for two years.  I decided to renew for six more months to finish up some of the projects that I am involve in.  I can say, the next few weeks and months will be […]

His Glory or my glory

Ever since I got married, one of the things I tried to save time is to iron all my shirts at once.  Since it is a mindless activity, I will go to Youtube and listen to a sermon or two.  Lately, I’ve been listening to Ravi Zacharias. Ravi was preaching the temptation of Christ in […]